Saturday, June 30, 2012


AARRPPCO has, for more than two years, operated largely as an underground organization. Some within the movement have openly questioned this turn wormward.

The fiduciary arrangement, however, between the hilly elite of Oakland and the ruling banker junta of Piedmont have necessitated, for the leadership of AARRPPCO, a strategic retreat to the lowlands of the O, to its east, west and occasionally its Lake Merritt.

Please look closely at the above photo.

Let it be said that as both participant in, and student of, Occupy Oakland, I am not willing at this point to suggest that the OPD raids on that encampment were predicated on its support for the anti-Piedmont movement of which AARRPPCO is vanguard. However, I do believe that this photo is chilling evidence of a dark complicity and of a sarcastic, irredentist claim on the political pulse of Oakland.

Yes, the very counterrevolutionary forces that once shadowed AARRPPCO's every gesture and post may now be quietly proposing a move on Oakland's city center. I do not wish to peddle conspiracy theories, friends; I intend only to out the coup-plotting perfidy of the Piedmontese, and so please forgive me if I pursue logic to its conclusion.

Clearly, AARRPPCO's coalition with Occupy Oakland was, for some moneyed white hairs, beyond the realm of the permissible.

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